Funny Relationship Videos

Winter Blues - Laugh and forget about it

As summer ends, autumn dwindles, suddenly winter pokes it's ugly head. Where once there was a world of sunlight, green colors and endless lovely possibilities, we find ourselves holed away awaiting next years short skirt and t-shirt weather.

This time of year can be hard for many of us and being alone doesn't make it any easier. What can we do to ease some of the winter blues? Laugh of course! Here's a collection of some of the better relationship YouTube videos,  guaranteed to crack a smile. Laughter is the best medicine!  Enjoy!

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Relationship Videos

LDR - Long Distance Relationship

Overgrown Guy Girlfriend

Imaginary Girlfriend

March of Shame

How To Break Up

The Perfect Proposal

The Break Up

Business Time - Flight of The Concords

PSA 'And Now You Know' - Dating Advice

PMS Medication - For Men

Man Stroke Woman - The Breakup

I Love You

Bad Date Betty

10 Ways Men Are Like Superman