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  • Website Jealousy, We broke Up.

    Me and my girl friend recently broke up. We have been through a lot, having both been hurt in the past, we found each other. We have never been so happy, until one day  I made a mistake on a website called Hot or Not after my girlfriend tried to catch me out. Now she thinks I want to see other girls, and feels like she can't trust me anymore.

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  • I Miss My Ex Fiancé, Commitment Issue No More

    2 years ago, I was engaged to my ex of 4 years and living in his house.  I broke up the engagement using multiple excuses like our constant arguments over little things.  I initially blamed myself when I later gained some insight through therapy that part of the reason I'd been sabotaging my relationships was due to my fear of commitment. I understand this sounds crazy and unrealistic but I have honestly tried to forget him unsuccessfully. I don't know what else to do to get him out of my heart and mind.

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  • The One Sided " I Love you", am I being paranoid?

    I know it has only been two months, but in the first two weeks with her I felt this connection that just blew me away, something I never felt with either of the long term relationships I was in. Two days ago I was telling her goodbye and I told her I love her. It just came out it wasn't planned. Nothing, she has never told anyone she loved them she says.

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  • New town, Myspace Hookup, she has a boyfriend?

    I just moved to another state and work most of the time so I don't have any friends down here. I have a Myspace page so I started browsing through some of pages people had in the area when I came across one that caught my eye. --  I know it's probably bad that she has a boyfriend, but like I said this was all completely by accident.

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  • My Lover is "in love" with another woman

    I've been seeing this guy for about 5 months.  He's very respectful, honest, and easy to love.  The honesty I love and respect about him, but it doesn't make me feel too good.  The thing is, he's afraid of being hurt again so he's hesitant to commit, and not only that, he loves another woman in another state whom he hardly ever sees.

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  • Love Addiction, Is it Fatal?

    I broke up with my girlfriend about 6 months ago after just a 3 month relationship. To this day I am still struggling. After reading up on the concept of love addiction it appears I have many of the symptoms. E.g. "Love is the only thing that matters in live", " I'm terrified of being alone again".

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