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Overall Rating: 4.5

It's hard to go anywhere without finding an ad for eHarmony these days, no question due to its quick rise up the ranks of successful online dating and relationship sites.

eHarmony is unique in the online dating world for its practice of not allowing members to do their own searches. Instead, eHarmony relies on the use of your "personality profile" and "compatibility" profiles to do all the matching for you.

It sounds counter-intuitive that you can't do your own searching, but eHarmony's system has been lauded for producing truly effective matches for its members at a rate unlike most other sites. Yes, the tests are long, and frustratingly repetitious, but that's because they need to be "in depth" enough to actually find the right match for you... and patience is a virtue when it comes to online dating.

When the matches do come, you'll find that there is quite enough information in a given eHarmony profile to give you a sense of who those members are. You can send "icebreakers" to members and see their profile pictures if you sign up for a paid subscription (which runs as cheap as $20.95 a month).

When you join eHarmony you get free $40 Personality Profile. Plus, you are able to  review your matches for free!

There has been talk that eHarmony is a Christian-only dating site, but this is largely due to the site's affiliations with the Focus on the Family organization years ago. The two have parted ways since, and the only holdover is that there is only heterosexual matching available. Otherwise, eHarmony is as good as any site, as long as you don't mind them doing most of the work for you..

When joining eHarmony you get a $40 Personality Profile and are are able to review your matches FREE.

Price of Membership

    Basic Membership

  • 3 months - $24.95/mo
  • 6 months - $29.95/mo
  • 12 month - $$19.95/mo (Best Deal)

  • Premium Membership

  • 3 months - $44.95/mo
  • 6 months - $33.95/mo
  • 12 month - $$23.95/mo (Best Deal)

Special Offers

  • Free to receive and review your matches

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