An Ode To Valentines Day

by Nate Lovestruck

The History, The Romance, The Misconceptions...

valentines day for lovers

Valentine's Day, that special day of the year when lovers across the country celebrate their love in a barrage of chocolates and long stemmed roses. If you ask a handful of people from all walks of life, you'll get a very mixed response of what "Valentine's Day" actually is.

For some it is a day of passion, romance, and sentiment. The curtains drawn close, candle light dinners and a night of sweet nothings. For others' it's a day of dread and sadness, depression and loneliness'. Sitting there wondering if you'll ever have someone to care for you again. Whichever side your on, Valentines Day seems to have quite an impact on us.

The question is, where did it all begin? Legend has it this holiday was originally derived from a priest named Valentine in third century Rome. When the emperor decided that single men made better soldiers then married men, he outlawed marriages. Valentine finding this new law unwarranted went against the emperor's orders and married young couples in secret. When he was found out he was immediately put to death on February 14th. In memory of his sacrifice we continue to celebrate our love on the last day of his life. Odd that such a sad turn of events would insight passion, but from young kindergarteners passing out cheap cards, this is what we have been raised to believe.

Realizing that everyone has their own feelings towards this misconstrued date, I chose to pick my own beliefs. I watch some of my friends sit there irritated at the idea of celebrating Valentines Day for the sheer fact they have been burned too many times. Other's shrug it off as yet another "Hallmark Holiday" created by the giftware companies to increase sales. Of course all these interpretations are fair, and easily believed if you choose to do so. I like to think otherwise.

I myself have decided that if nothing else Valentine's Day is a good excuse to let the people you love know it. Single, in a relationship or married, why pass up a chance to make the people you love feel special. Sending a e-card, a single rose or writing a poem, people love to be thought of now and then. Be original, creative and fun and you'll get the desired response. Whatever Valentine's Day means to you embrace it, don't fight it. We don't have nearly enough excuses to spoil the people we care about, why give up a opportunity such as this. Smile, relax and have fun with it, the people around you will appreciate it in the end.

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Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, flowers, or candy.