Top 10 Romantic Movies

Tenille Tellman

    By Tenille Tellman

Ten Romantic Movies for Both Men and Women

Trying to pick a romantic movie you can both enjoy? Looking for something a little less typical? There’s an abundance of “chick flicks” and plenty of classic romances, but it’s always nice to have a selection of movies that don’t require one to compromise.

Romantic Movies are a great way way to liven up a boring evening

Top 10 Movie Picks

A Beautiful Mind

The story of real-life mathematician John Nash, this movie combines elements of a spy-thriller, a coming of age story and a tragic, heartbreaking drama. Through all of those themes, you’re pulled, almost unwittingly, into a narrative of love being tried against unimaginable odds. Winner of four Academy Awards, this is an ideal date movie for the couple that wants something a little deeper than the typical love story.

Lead roles: Russell Crowe ~ Ed Harris ~Jennifer Connelly

A Beautiful Mind


It’s a film all about candy... For the women, there’s Johnny Depp. For the men, Juliette Binoche. Oh, and the chocolate certainly rounds it out. This movie carries themes we all understand, particularly messages about acceptance and perseverance in the face of societal criticism. It was Academy Award-nominated and received a number of accolades. Have a taste, it’s not too rich and will leave you to some sweet conversation afterwards.

Lead roles: Johnny Depp ~ Juliette Binoche


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This movie really gives you something to think about. Jim Carrey tones down the animation to pair with Kate Winslet in a story almost anyone can relate to. This is not your standard film — it crosses between reality and the surreal — but manages to remain convincing. It didn’t get a great deal of exposure upon release, likely because you have to be in the right mood to engage with the pacing and appreciate the story.

Lead roles: Jim Carrey ~ Kate Winslet

Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind

Legends of the Fall

The film has been recognized for its cinematography, including gripping action scenes and an array of breath-taking landscapes. The Oscar Award-winning drama features an ensemble of incredible actors and a complex love story. It’s one of those movies that hangs a little heavy, so it’s appropriate for a evening when you both feel like bunkering in.

Lead roles: Brad Pitt ~ Anthony Hopkins ~ Julia Ormond

Legend of the Fall

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

If you prefer something light-hearted, this is an ideal choice. Unlike your typical romantic comedy, this movie is actually quite funny. It’s not overly corny or sappy, it’s entertaining and maybe a little outrageous. Both lead actors sell their parts and, at the very least, they’re certainly nice to look at. This one is great for a few laughs and no serious commitment.

Lead roles: Kate Hudson ~ Matthew McConaughey

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

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