A Romantic Dinner For Two

by Nate Lovestruck

Delight your date's taste buds with a romantic evening by candle light...

  • Candles to set the mood: $12.00
  • Champagne to make things playful: $35.00
  • Seeing your date's face when you unmask your culinary expertise, PRICELESS!

At some point in the relationship, inviting your sweetheart over for a romantic dinner for two is a sure way to score brownie points. Iron Chef or Kraft Dinner king,  it's not as difficult as you might think to pull off a fancy meal. Impress your date with a romantic home-cooked meal will not only entice their taste buds, but will show off your soft side.

The Plan / The Preparation

Like anything else in life, this event deserves some well thought out planning.

These are essential in setting the mood, go through your pantry and pull out all the candles you can find. If you're all out, a cheap and effective solution can found at your local dollar store. The quality is nearly the same as you'd find anywhere else, at a tenth of the price. Tea lamps in bulk can be an amazing effect, although they tend to burn out fast. I suggest a mix, a few tall candles at the dining table and tea lamps spread out throughout the room. Avoid scented candles as they interfere with the aroma of your meal.

lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood

Roses, tulips, you name it, flowers add that next level of romance to the night. To keep things simple I suggest a single rose in a thin vase placed at the center of the table. Classy, powerful and sincere.

flowers are a timeless symbol for love and romance

Alcohol can be a great ice breaker. Used sparingly it can lighten the mood of the evening and make things more playful. Depending on what type of meal you plan on preparing, make sure to buy the appropriate wine or cooler. You want something that compliment the flavors of your dish, not overwhelm it. If you know your date has a certain food preference, this is a good time to show them that you're paying attention.

liquor clerks will often suggest a nice wine if your unsure

This is a must, play some music at a soft level. Make sure it's not so loud that it interferes with the conversation, but loud enough to fill in the gaps should they occur.

Refer to our past article:

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a well set table is a nice touch to make things extra romantic
Table Cloth

As much as this isn't necessary for success it is definitely the icing on the cake. Stick with a solid color such as deep red or blue to keep things simple.

Look through your drawers for the finest cutlery you've got, get a shammy cloth and buff them up so they shine and glimmer. Set the table with a folded cloth napkins. If you don't have any,  a simple piece of paper towel folded nicely will do.

The Main Course
Now it's time to put your cooking skills to the test. Look through old cook books, call your mother or your best friend and get some helpful pointers. When preparing the meal, keep his or her like and dislikes in mind. No point in cooking a steak for a vegetarian.

Whatever you decide to cook, make sure to try it first. Choose a recipe, buy the ingredients, and have a trial cook off. Inviting friends over for dinner is a perfect way to get some volunteer guinea pigs. Testing a recipe before hand will not only helps relieve the pre-date worries, it ensures that the recipe will turn out just right. Once you feel confident that you can pull off the meal successfully, it's time to call up your date and invite them to dinner.

For the sake of this article I'm going to suggest a simple quiche meal, not only is it easy to make, it's classy and tastes delicious.

The Main Dish
Simple Broccoli and Bacon Quiche

Complimenting Side Dishes
Simple Rice Pilaf
Vinaigrette Salad

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Romantic Dinner For Two.. in 1, 2, 3, ACTION!

You've done all the preparation you can, the food is in the oven and is almost ready to be served. The candles have be lit and set up throughout the room. Flowers have been finely presented on a stunning red table cloth. In the background soft romantic music is playing, the table is set and the wine is uncorked. You have arranged for your sweetheart to show up relatively soon and all is looking well. Pat yourself on the back, you pulled it off.

As much as a night such as this takes considerable effort,  your romantic dinner for two will definitely be a fond memory you and your date will not soon forget.

show your sweetheart a night they won't soon forget