Online Dating - How To Date on the Internet

by Nate Lovestruck

Tips for online dating success...

In today's busy world it's getting harder and harder to meet new people. Luckily, the Internet has made meeting new people easier then ever before. When surfing online you're bound to have come across one of those colorful banners in the corner of the screen, boasting "Matchmaking Success",  only a mouse click away. The online dating phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular as more and more are people are finding it to be the most effective way of hooking up. Not only do you eliminate a great deal of time in finding people with the same interests,  you often get to see a picture to know what your getting yourself into. 20 million eligible singles from all walks of life and from all over the world are only a few clicks away. Online dating is fast, effective and most importantly rejection free. Here are some tips on how to make it work out best for you.

Choosing The Right Dating Site

While there are 1000's of online dating sites to choose from, it's often a good idea to go with the one that is best suited to your individual needs.

bigger established dating sites offer a more premium dating experience then the free alternative

Some Questions you may want to ask yourself

  • How urgent am I  to meet someone
  • How much much money do I want to invest?
  • Does this service cater to singles in my area and does it have the type of people I want to meet?
  • Is the service easy to navigate, and does it have the necessary search and communication tools I need to meet someone and get to know them better.

As much as you might be tempted to go with a free dating sites, you may find it worth a few extra bucks to go with a larger and more establish site such as or PerfectMatch. Both of these sites have better search and matching tools, offer quite a few different ways to communicate with the people you want to get to know better, and best of all, have a huge member database. This is very important - a larger database means you have more people to choose from, a quicker response time and a much greater chance of finding that a suitable partner.

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Writing Your Profile

Your profile means everything, this is how other singles will be able to judge their compatibility with you. The more in-depth a profile, the smoother the process will be. Be honest, fill out the questionnaire thoughtfully and completely ( don't skip areas or leave blanks ) Give a detailed description of yourself, show off your sense of humor (if you have one), and try to show a bit of your real personality in what you write. Assuming that you have intentions of eventually meeting some of the people you talk to, I'd recommend writing your profile as honestly as possible. "I'm a 6'2, doctor with washboard abs and stunning blue eyes" may not always be appropriate."

Also beware of relentlessly going on on about your perfect match, no one is flawless, try to be realistic. In the end, just have fun with it. Make yourself a tea, lean back in a comfortable chair and take your time. The pursuit of online dating should be fun, not work.

take your time filling out your online profile

A Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words

In a database of  millions, a picture will make that already great profile stand out even more. Spend a little extra time and sort through your photos for the right one. I suggest adding photos from different settings ( One dressed up, one casual, and one with friends) Variety is the key, this allows them to get a better idea of what you really look like.

Some Things To Avoid:

  • Using photos that are marked outdated, summer of 95 may not be a fair representation of what you look like today.
  • Avoid picking a photo that is doesn't look like you, you want to use pictures that are an accurate representation of what you look like ( this again refers to if you plan on meeting them )
  • Drunken pictures of you doing a keg stand probably won't fly, make sure your photos are tasteful and appropriate.

Sifting Through The Sea of Singles

Now your ready to start mingling. Whichever service you decided to pick, be aware that finding special Mr. or Miss right  won't happen overnight. Finding someone that is just right for you will involve a fair amount of browsing profiles, personal critique and analysis.

A Few Tips To Help You Find Your Perfect Match

  • Look for profiles that are complete as these demonstrate the person is taking online dating seriously. Someone that doesn't take the time to post an informative and interesting profile may just be just killing time.
  • Avoid profiles that display a variety of misspelled words or bad sentence structure. You wouldn't want to find out 2 weeks into the online conversations that you've been flirting with a 12 year old.
  • When searching personal ads, most online dating services offer advance search tools that allow you to search for people that are more likely to be of interest to you.  Narrow down the search results by selecting everything from age to location, physical appearance, personal  interests, even spiritual beliefs. If you like saving time, be sure to take full advantage of this valuable feature.
  • Look into contacting someone who not only shares your same interests but someone you find attractive as well. ( DUH )
online dating is a fun alternative to the bar scene

Contacting The Potential Love Of Your Life

Now that you have done a light scan of who's out there, it's time to contact that person who caught your interest. Start off simple... Email your potential sweetheart and introduce yourself, tell them the reason why you believe you're both compatible. Avoid requesting a lot personal information at the start,  people don't always feel comfortable divulging their deep secrets to complete strangers.

Finally and most importantly, don't get discouraged if the first few contacts don't work out. As the old saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Happy Match Making... And Good Luck