Moving In Together

Tenille Tellman

    By Tenille Tellman

Tips and advice on moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend

It’s the natural progression for a couple in love. You’ve moved past the point of courtship and feel ready to take things to the next level. You want to establish loyalty, achieve a deeper connection and start building a meaningful life together. Moving in with your partner can be the step that elevates your relationship from the superficial to the stable and committed.

Moving in together can be an incredibly exciting experience. You are taking things to an entirely different level, investing much more of yourself and dramatically changing the romantic context of the relationship. Many couples maintain a casual distance while they are dating, so there’s often little risk if things go awry. But when you make that step and move in together, you are both putting yourselves out there in a really big way.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the adventure of such a major life transition. It is important for couples to avoid letting emotions get the best of them and jump head-over-feet into a situation they haven’t entirely thought out. Too quickly the Honeymoon phase will pass and if you don’t have a common plan, you’re setting yourselves up for conflict.

moving in with your boyfriend can be a great experience

For most couples, moving in together is a total lifestyle change. You both will inevitably sacrifice a great deal of personal space and privacy, which can be a major difficulty if you are accustomed to living alone. You will be forced to compromise and cooperate, even on issues you’d rather not budge about. You have to keep someone else in mind, showing respect and courtesy for their individual needs. In practicing this respect, you’ll likely lose some personal freedoms, especially if you are used to having company over or going out at your leisure. You’re friends may take it personally when you’re no longer as flexible and available as you were in the past. Others may disapprove of you living with someone outside of wedlock.

There are plenty of unforeseen — and sometimes unexpected — disputes which could rise among your network of friends and supports. Both you and your partner need to seriously think it through and ask yourselves how much you are prepared to give up before you go ahead and do it.

However, the benefits of moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend often outweigh many of the challenges. You are taking an important step together, strengthening what you’ve already built and moving towards something more secure. Every day you will get to experience more of the little things that drew you to the person in the first place. You may even find other things you hadn’t noticed yet. And, to top it all off, you’ll both share in added bonuses liked shared resources and cost-savings.

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