The “I love you” Goodbye

By Marc Coleus

Saying goodbye to the one you love can be hard.....

fix a broken heart

What felt like forever was over in an instance, reality mixed with dreams and melted away. After saying my goodbyes to her family there we were, my bags packed, ready to part ways. We found ourselves at coffee shop near the train station, blank eyed and anxious, drinking coffee and questioning if this would be the last time we saw ever each other.

Over the past couple of weeks we had discussed how we could maintain a relationship from other sides of the planet, fear mixed with hopeful lies we knew that this would be the last time we'd see each other for a quite long time.

The clock ticked, the train would be leaving Gottingen Germany out to Frankfurt in less then an hour. Moments paused and shattered at the same time. I had spent so much time looking forward to this trip to see her, and now it was coming to an end. Months of planning and saving, calendar dates clung tightly to the wall yet in hindsight seemed to have slipped off with ease.

I followed my heart and it brought me to a girl in Germany. Unfortunately with an overseas love is that the time you share together tends to feel rented or somehow borrowed, even more like a dream. The lacking in potential permanency made me appreciate her all the more, yet added stress due to the rarity of the moment. The clock ticked 10:15 and a ICE Euro train pulled up to the station. I looked at her, panic set in, a calm flooded the mind to maintain strength and dignity. I gave her a sincere hug, long kiss and closed my eyes as I stepped onto the train.

I sighed. The doors closed and the train started it's mighty engines. There we stood, eyes locked, emotions buzzing. Although strong in her appearance her faced rushed red, tears rolled down her cheeks as we waved our final goodbye. As the train rolled on, the girl left my vision leaving me only with my memories. I strolled down the aisle, found a seat, and let out a heavy breathe of air. Eight thousand miles of land and sea between us, our meeting a year and a half ago seems more like fate then luck. I ask myself in the end, is it the journey or the destination that we live our life to dream?

Maybe a little bit of both.....