The Definition of Love

by Nate Lovestruck

Thoughts and analysis of this amazing emotion called LOVE

Since the dawn of man, there has been love. The love for a woman, the love for a man (and for some, the love for a very attractive goat, but we're not going to get into that.).

It's the driving force in many people's lives, making us do silly things and often act foolishly. Great wars have been fought, friends come to hate each other, and families broken up over this most powerful emotion. The question is - what is it? Is love a biological process we have to make it harder to leave our mates, thus giving the children in the tribe a better chance for survival? Perhaps its a concept engrained in our minds from childhood fairy tales? Or maybe it's something we naturally are predisposed to do for the fear of ever being alone? Whatever it is, people of today thrive to share their life story with someone else, to have the ultimate connection. \

Love is truly an amazing thing and by far one of the most indefinable feeling we can experience. Hopefully if you were lucky by your mid twenties you have experienced it's blissful sting at one point or another. An emotion that fully enflames your soul like being on an endorphin rich high. The food tastes better, the wine is perfect. The sky is sunnier, the grass is greener and generally, life has few complaints. The nature of this emotion is so bewildering yet oddly exciting. Perfectly rational people act like lunatics when love is threatened. People drop out of their graduation year in university to escape just for love's sake. Why does it have such a large influence on how we live our lives?

Walking downtown, you take a glance across the street. You see a couple holding hands, gazing into each others eyes as they sip a warm cup of coffee. A man with seven children, a rather beastly wife, but a big grin on his face. That's love. Love is a feeling, you cannot see or control but is so obviously there at the same time. Where you'd travel over a mountain to see someone one last time, to hike for six hours just to see a smile. To thrive to make that person the best person they can be, in essence, almost to be selfless. A compromise that doesn't phase you, to embrace the fact that someone else's feelings are as important or in higher regard then your own.

Due to the nature of the word love, we all have our own interpretations. Some care for coffee, others a good friend, and of course there's your lover. The question some may ask, "Is love necessarily have to be sexual?" You love your parents, your brother and your sister. You swear you love your friends, that you'd do anything for them. I suppose it's all due to how you interpret the world around you. What entices your passions, the definition of love is whatever brings you to that blissful state. The person, the moment, the feeling of being lost without it. To so deeply care about something or someone that you are willing to do anything, be it change ones thinking or sell your house.

Sadly a statement such as that also brings up the question of "Is love always good for you." To define love, one has to also include the risks and the dark sides. As much as love can incite great poetry, build bonds between two opposing countries, and turn a sour old man into a laughing teenager again. It also has it's dangerous after effects. Be it the feeling of desperation when it ends, anywhere from a week to months of sitting on the couch dead in the heart. To possibly getting taken advantage of for being blinded by love. There are always risks involved, that's the whole point of the game.

The beautiful thing  is that I have never experienced a love that wasn't worth the risk. Having experienced a broken heart more then once now, I would happily say there is nothing worse. Although oddly enough for a chance at the blissful feeling that is love, I'd do it a million times over.

As you go through this life, meeting people with interesting possibilities, never give up the chance to fall in love. You not only get to see an amazing side of someone else, you learn things about yourself that cannot be found any other way. Whoever, whenever, whatever, if you feel a connection never be scared to pursue it.

If you have indeed felt the sting of heartbreak before never let that be a determining factor of your next journey. Be it a summer fling, a half year romance, or the love of your life till death due us part, the definition of love is to live and experience, to learn and grow, and to feel "all" the highs with the lows.