Great Christmas Gift Ideas

By Nate Lovestruck

Gift ideas for the person who has everything

As the winter progresses and Christmas nears closer many of us are reminded that we're running out of time to pick out the perfect Christmas gift.

The city's stores suddenly buzz with people, garlands and Christmas lights drape from hook and ceiling and that all too familiar Christmas tune hums gently from the coffee shop to grocery store. In all the hurry and panic it can be quite daunting to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone.

With that being said I've got a great gift idea for the person who has everything. The idea stems from the traditional grocery store advent calendar many of us had as kids, except a bit more exciting.

Instead of killing yourself over picking one good gift idea why not break it up into 25 smaller gifts personalized to their likes and passions. This project is for all budgets and could be completed in as little as an afternoon for $50 dollars and up.

create an adult advent calendar for your sweetheart

The Adult Advent Calendar - 25 thoughtful gifts all in one

Creating your advent calendar

First things first you've got to make your empty advent calendar. This is relatively easy to do and one could go about it in a variety of ways. Head down to a department store and check out their Christmas section. Here you'll be on the hunt for some sort of decorative rope or string and a variety of little pouches. A quick and easy way of creating some nice looking goodie bags is to get a couple different colors of tissue paper, bunch them up, and tie them with a ribbon. Let your creativity shine through and you'll be finished in no time.

give your partner 24 small christmas gifts

Filling your advent calendar

When it comes down to it the heart and soul of an advent calendar is you guessed it, candy and chocolate. The grocery store bulk section has a great variety of foiled and wrapped candies for the holiday season, load up on a couple bags of small treats and pick up a couple of bigger, nicer chocolate bar for the intermediate numbered goodie bags. A handful of candies for bags 1-4 and a nice pack of Ferrero Rochers in bag #5, they'll love you forever. Oh and don't forget the candy canes!

candy is the heart and soul of an advent calendar

After picking out the appropriate candy selection now comes the fun part. From toys to jewellery, makeup and booze, go for a walk around town and collect little goodies to spread throughout the calendar.

More Gift Ideas

  • Gift Certificates - Coffee houses, gym memberships, spas and massage, I-tunes credits.
  • Lottery tickets - What better way to celebrate Christmas then by winning 28 Million.
  • Sexy Toys and Literature - Visit your local sex shop and see what kind of small goodies they have to add a little romance to your holidays.
  • Underwear and Lingerie - Do a little investigating and find our your partner's underwear size, it's sure to impress.
  • Jewellery - A ring, necklace, or earrings can be a great added touch.
  • Booze - Miniature bottles of liquors and spirits can be a tasty surprise. Baileys, Kahlua, Jack Daniels and Fireball are some ideas to start.
  • A single beer also fits in a pouch quite well for your well behaved man.
  • Candles - For him or her, everyone enjoys a nice candle lit evening once in a while.
  • Pens and art supplies - for the creative type.

Your imagination is the limit, have fun, and good luck! I'm positive they'll like it.