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Looking for Love, Dating or Relationship help? Lovesickfools provides practical, down to earth advice for everything from commitment issues, to failing relationships cheaters, jealousy issues, even  how to mend a broken heart. Find out how to easily make a relationship work  and get a better understanding of the complex nature of that magical emotion we call LOVE

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Moving In Together

Moving in together is a big decision. Tenille Tellman shares advice on how to make the process go smoothly

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Personal advice column for questions on matters of the heart.

Website Jealousy, We broke up

I made a mistake on a website called Hot or Not after my girlfriend tried to catch me out. Now she thinks I want to see other girls, and feels like she can't trust me anymore.

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Just Ask Nate Lovestruck
Collection of some of the better relationship YouTube videos - guaranteed to crack a smile.

I Love You

Bad Date Betty

10 Ways Men Are Like Superman

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